This is how Indulgence should taste.

We create our offerings by taking classic flavors and adding our touches: painstaking attention to detail, quality ingredients and repeatable processes. Here’s a sampling:

Chocolate Chip Cookie

An ooey-gooey favorite, our chocolate chip cookie has incredible flavor and is loaded with a mix of semi-sweet and dark chocolate chips.

Vanilla Cupcake

Moist and fluffy vanilla cake is topped with your choice of a lightly sweetened vanilla meringue buttercream or a classic vanilla American buttercream.


Cocoa and espresso work to bring out an intense chocolate flavor. Filled and topped with a mix of chopped premium-quality semi-sweet and dark chocolate.

Our Story

Buttermelt began in a Midwestern kitchen, born from one woman’s passion for sweets and a near-maniacal drive to get things right. After some years of dialing-in recipes and waiting for the world to be ready, we launched to bring baking precision to the masses.

Magic Butter

We use browned butter in our base for nearly everything. This gives our goods a distinct, unique flavor that leads to an premium taste.

Precise Process

Our kitchen strives for to-the-gram perfection, and we believe accuracy is the heart of great baking. You can taste the difference.

Why we stand out

A love for baking

Technical Prowess


Attention to Detail

Our baked goods speak for themselves, but we don’t stop with that. There is also our proven and repeatable baking practices to guarrantee quality. In addition, Buttermelt Bakery prides itself on being connected to our customers and community, as well as remaining organized and accessible. To that end, we utilize modern tools to ease the purchase process by making ordering and communicating simple.